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First: Basic principle
Computer Controls the Print needle in the X, Y 2D plane within a certain trajectory movement. At the same time, the print needle makes a high frequency shock movement in compressed air, in which the needle prints out beautiful markings on the workpiece.

Secondly.Main performance
1.Printing content: Chinese and English characters and Arabic numerals, arbitrary graphics.
2.Can automaticly print serial numbers for, print VIN standards, time printing, barcode printing bills depiction, ticket printing, and printing content can be automatically stored to be retrospective.
3.Input content will not shut down or damaged with power failure and could retain to plate.
4.The powerful database memory function is advantageous for the management
5.CKM2000 carvers software can run WINDOWS98/WINDOWS2000/WINDOWSXP operating system, networking, communication capabilities.

Thirdly.Using environment
1.Power:AC220V±10% 50HZ
3.compressed air:0.3-0.6MPa

Fourthly.Technical specification

1.Print depth:0.01-2mm(different workpiece materials have different depths)
2.Print speed: 3-5 pieces of No2 character per second or 80mm straight characters
3.Print needle impact frequency: 300 times / second
5.Printing scope:100*80mm 100*300mm 150*80mm circumferential surfaceΦ10-Φ200
6.Repetitive Printing precision:0.02mm, print the 1*1mm character
7.Power loss:350W

Fifth. Application scope
Mainly used in machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, electric vehicles and parts, electronics, light industry, petrochemical pipe fields. Can steel, iron, copper and aluminum , Plastics, and other products made of the various components and Nameplate printing.

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